Just thinking!

Last week I had a dear friend pass away she was 80 years old, but she was my friend. I talk with her children and they just don’t have room for all her stuff. They will pick out the sentimental things they like and have an auction for the rest. This made me think about when my Mother in law passed away…In 2 days we had all her stuff out of her apartment and separated 6 ways. I was sad then thinking 77 years of life separated and gone….stuff.

Are the things or “stuff” that is important to us going to be important to our children? I may need to think more about this one. I have a whole 4 drawer file cabinet of things my children have done in their short lives so far….are they just going to throw it out?  Maybe I need to just pick out a few and save them the trouble. Then I could have more space…I have to get busy.

One thing that always surprises me is old pictures at antique malls…a family history. Our oldest Kelsey seems to feel sorry and buys up these pictures. Our family tree is going to be confusing to younger generations trying to figure out whom is who.

Today’s thought lets start spring cleaning and have more space. God’s Blessings on your day, Candy

Meijer Meal box

Meijer Meal box has recipes and coupons check it out!

Happy (frugal) Birthday

Today is my honey’s birthday! I thought today would be a great day to talk about Frugal birthday ideas.

When I was a little girl my Grandma would call and play a record of a silly birthday song. When my children were little my sister found that same song and gave copies to my mom and I. Now we are the keepers of the song and play the song on birthdays. Today was no different and Randy heard the song. Something special…A tradition…Free and memorable! Thanks to My Grandma Young

When our oldest daughter was 3 we had a party at Zoo, Why because our friends had one for their daughter….Bad idea because it cost $12 per person kids and adults because most didn’t have zoo memberships and you received a lite lunch and you were on your own…That was a valuable lesson.. Don’t try to compete!

When our second daughter was 5 her birthday was tight. I was a stay at home mom and I had invited family over for some cake and ice cream. When I realized I had $10 in my checking account…This was before budgeting. I thought I would make a cake from scratch, it turned out to be a flop….When my mom had called and said “hey, don’t get a cake I picked up one and ice cream” When my mom stopped over she did have cake, ice cream and goodies….Answered Prayers!

When the boys started having parties we had themed parties at home.

Frugal Party ideas

  • We buy 2 liters of soda and have a marker to write names on cups, then you know what cup is yours and you waste less.
  • buy smaller cups too!
  • we buy a ham and have it sliced or make sloppy joes and it goes further feeding more.
  • We share decorations for different occasions with a few of our friends and pass from occasion to occasion. When we add to it we just have more.
  • We make our own cake usually, but I have been known to pick up a McDonald’s cake. The prices vary, but at our McDonald’s they are $5 for a 1/2 sheet cake.
  • Pot Luck and help each other it makes lighter work for you and them.
  • Make your own invitations. Use your computer or pick up the invites at the dollar store.
  • We freezer water filled milk jugs and use it for ice in the cooler.

Kid parties: have a treasure hunt, Piñata We made them and they are a lot of work. We make our own pin the tail on the donkey – That goes with our theme example pin the bow on Barbie’s head or pin the tail on the dinosaur. We made walking sticks for a treasure hunt. Decorate you own cupcake or make your own ice cream sundae.

We make our own pizzas, rent a movie, and make popcorn and Randy always make a good breakfast in the morning for them. We are a good team.

I have learned over the years to make birthday cakes and have a dinner together is the best way to spend your birthdays.

What are some of you frugal Birthday party ideas?

Have a great day, Candy

What are you doing to save money?

Good Morning! Today is the beginning of Lent and it is Ash Wednesday. I am surprised all the functions we have today with school and church. It will be a busy day!

I thought I would ask you a question: What are you doing to save money?

Let me know and have a blessed day, Candy

Little savings add up

I was thinking of little saving things we do that add up. Being frugal and saving isn’t always easy, but when you do save it really makes it all worthwhile.

  1. Make your coffee at home– It seems every where I look another restaurant is getting into the fancy coffee sales, Why? Because it is big money. You can save yourself $2 if not more a day.
  2. Try Generic products– this isn’t just for medication. If a generic food item is on sale try it…you may find you like it!
  3. Learn to cut hair– I cut my husband and son’s hair.  Mine I just started having it cut but go every 2 months instead of every 6 weeks. I went with my husband when he got his hair cut and I watched the stylist and learned. You can find different sites on the web also.
  4. Try using coupons– There are coupons in the paper, online and coupons even come in the mail. I have heard in a few of my frugal classes “Coupon are for things I don’t buy!” I used to think that, but now I can usually find a coupon for what I need if I look. Coupons do take time, but you can really add to your budget if you look.
  5. Always watch the checkout scanner at the store &  check your receipt before you leave the store. This may save you time and money!
  6. Make your own Taco seasoning, bread or hamburger helper mix. Everyday things you use and just think you won’t have the additives. This week I’ll put some of the recipes up with pictures.
  7. Start a change jar– I keep mine on my washer I always seem to find change in pockets and when cleaning. You can ask you bank for change wrappers and They have always given them to me for free. I love watching the money add up!
  8. I love to line dry clothes In the winter I don’t hang them outside they would never dry, but I do hang them inside. The moisture is good in my home and it saves on the gas bill.
  9. Turn down your thermostat– Every year I think I will get a programmable and haven’t done it.  We try to keep it at 64° when not home and bump it up as needed. I know they say not to touch it , but we do!
  10. I would love your little savings ideas.

Have a blessed day,

Valentine Craft ideas

Valentines day is just round the corner. Here are a few crafts I have found on the web.

Here are some frugal ideas:

  • Make a gift basket with some of your honey’s favorite things.
  • rent a movie and sit together and watch.
  • How about a dinner for your whole clan with candle light. I know my kids would think it was cool!
  • Coupon book- I teach the 3-year-old Sunday school and we make a coupon book for parents. example: I will make my bed, 1 free hug and pick up my toys coupon. The parents love it and the kids design it we just have the coupons made up. This is great!

What are some of your frugal Valentine ideas? I would love to hear. God’s Blessings,

A true frugal Queen….

Families coping even Queen Elizabeth II is frugal!

Here are a few of her tips:

Keep Buckingham Palace open to visitors for longer periods to generate more income for the upkeep of royal palaces.

Recycle all bars of soap from all royal homes and turn them into liquid foam bath oil. (I wonder who uses the bars I may need think about this one)

if you would like to read the story CBS Money- Saving tips from the Queen

Thank you to Paula at Monroe on a Budget for sharing.

Have a blessed day,