Wedding shower on a budget……

I have been crazy busy with my daughter’s upcoming wedding…. This weekend is the shower. I am blessed with  great family and friends. Everyone has offered to help and bring something. So I thought I would post some of what I am learning.

  • potluck In our family we have always helped each other with Parties by bringing a dish.
  • Since we are going with a Fall theme I found a fall pin from Oriental Trading and we made them at the shower meeting.
  • The Prizes….. I found mums for $2 a piece.

  • I made little corsages for Kelsey and the bridesmaids.

  • The games we found online.
  1. Bridal Bingo – The guest pick what gifts they think Kelsey will receive and fill out their card and cover the answer when she opens that gift.
  2. How well do you know Kelsey game is just questions we asked Kelsey to answer and the guest with answer the same questions how they think Kelsey will answer….the closest wins!
  • We also will give out an index card and guest write how they know Kelsey or a funny story. We will add those to the pictures and have a great keepsake.

I do think it is possible to have wedding shower and budget in the same sentence! Have a blessed day, Candy


Homemade Carmel Corn

I don’t know I don’t make this more. It is cheap, easy and my kids love it!

3/4 C. popped popcorn (set aside)


3/4 C brown sugar

3T. light corn syrup

6 T. Butter or margarine

Bring to a boil for 2 minutes and shut the heat off. Then add

1t. baking Soda

1t. Vanilla

1/4 t. Salt

mix liquid with your popcorn.

I like to serve it like this and my husband Randy likes it baked a little to dry it out some.

Happy popping, Candy

Happy Fall…..Waffles!

I have been busy as I am sure you have also. A month ago a friend had told me she had made 80 waffles. I asked her why so many?  She makes them ahead and freezes them and her children have them for breakfast. I don’t have a waffle iron but she suggested I borrow her waffle maker and she how it works so I did. What a great idea….I thought  this week I made waffles…..lots of waffles.

I used a pizza cutter to separate them and  to clean up the edges. I let them dry by flipping them every so often. I put eight in a ziploc bag and got as much air out as I could and the stacked them in the freezer.

I didn’t quite have enough have enough batter for 80 but I got to 60. I am finding my boys even like them for an after school snack.

Thanks to Lena for the great idea and the use of her waffle iron. Have a great day and enjoy God’s beautiful artwork. God’s blessings, Candy

Using Cash….it hurts!

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I know it hurts to spend when I am using cash. I seem to be more aware of what I spend using cash instead of my debit. When I use cash I ask myself some questions before the purchase….

  • Do I need the item?
  • Can I find it cheaper?

Many times I will tell myself …no and I hang on to that money a little longer. We have been also been trying to use cash for groceries. I use my calculator start with the amount I have and subtract each item. We are more likely to get what we need and we haven’t went over yet.

I love Dave Ramsey, but I was having problems with the envelope system. I have found a new system and we are just getting started with it and I will update you… a jar system I found a site that has a budget work sheet and it calculated   exactly what amount for the week to stick in the jars it also was a great visual of what percent % I am spending in each area of my life. Gail Vaz-Oxlade site Debt free forever here is her budget worksheet. Let me know what you think!

Have a great week, Candy

Is there Life after cable #2

We have been without cable for about 2 weeks and I think the kids are getting used to it. Jacob said the first week  “it is like a prison here without cable” I didn’t have the heart to tell him they have cable in prison! We didn’t have the VHS channels ABC or CBS even though our antenna was a VHS/UHF antenna. Randy and I just couldn’t figure it out until Friday. We decided to go to Radio Shack and ask for a FM filter that could be jamming the VHS signal an idea a man at our local CBS station gave us and you know what…..

This little thing clips over the antenna wire outside on the wire. It cost a little over $5 and now have VHS.

Snap on Ferrite Data-line Filter

Another way to save! Yes, there is Life after cable.

Have a great week, Candy


What to do with all those peppers?

As many of you know I didn’t have a garden which is so unlike me. It was a hard decision and I regretted  it. I have been blessed with friends and family which have supplied me well. My friend Robin dropped a box of colorful peppers. I love to chopped them up and freeze. I use them in meals all winter long.

Chop them up and place on a foil covered cookie sheet. Place them in the freezer for about an hour to flash freeze them.

Then after frozen place in a freezer ziploc bag and put in the freezer.

This time I used the reds and yellows because last week I did a bag of green peppers. I am all set for the winter. The peppers are great to add to all kinds of recipes. stir fry to soups.

Have a great day, Candy