Wedding Shower Time….

Last weekend, my oldest Kelsey hosted a wedding shower and me being Polish have my own ideas of how a shower should run, but she had different ideas. We ran with her ideas and it is ok if everyone doesn’t leave with a purchased prize. Kelsey made these paper flowers with seeds and the guest can plant them in their yard and they will bloom. Reminding them of the couples love! Here is how to make them at  How She Does I love this site!

The cake I would have bought the classic party cake $16.99 at Costco well they opted for the brides favorite… Carrot cake 3 round and they put glass under them to raise them to different levels.

Decorations; I would have went with wedding bells and crate paper, but they went for a Gerber daisy and their paper flowers. It was a simply and elegant shower.  My daughter taught me a thing or two about being elegant and  frugal

Old frugal learning new tricks! Have a blessed day, Candy

NO Spend Week

I couldn’t resist the picture, but sometimes I feel just like this. Sometimes Randy and I don’t feel frugal with all the money going out….we just stick our heads in the sand and the money just goes out the window. The little $10 and $20 have become the hundreds needed for this and that.

We have declared a NO Spend Week….No quick trips to the store, no dollar menu and NO buying groceries.. We are using what we have in the house. It is Wednesday and so far so good. Randy suggested we need to do this every other week and add to our budget.

I have found that if you start with NO Spend Days and see how long you can hold out before you spend money…If you are serious you may be surprised how long you actually can go. It is a great feeling!

Have a blessed day, Candy

Who needs a gift bag with a cute gift like this……

For all the lil boys in our life a plastic truck filled with candy.

I am using this for part of my nephews pre-school graduation gift.

I bought a toy truck at Big Lot’s for $2.00 Put a piece of styrofoam in the back, put red shredded paper on top of it, used various candy bars and suckers.
(I used what I had in the house for my kids lunches) Using a hot glue gun on the back of a Popsicle stick then add the candy on it. Insert popsicle sticks in the toy truck you can use large candy bars or small or mix it up.

Depending on what materials you have at home this craft can be fairly in-expensive.

Shelly R. in Maumee, Ohio
Thanks Shelly It looks great!

Car buying

I watched this video in our Dave Ramsey Financial peace and it has stuck with me.

Drive Free and Retire Rich

Since my youngest daughter bought her first car yesterday.

The possibilities are endless if we just THINK before we spend. Way to go Lyndsey!

Pure Craziness…

In our home we are in the midst of pure craziness! Each night there is someplace we need to be with our children. End of the year concert, award ceremonies, baseball, orchestra and lessons, it is pure Craziness! What is a mother to do…..about Dinner?

I have been making our dinner early in the day and then reheat when we get home or using the crock pot…it is too easy to say when I hear “what’s for dinner?” Reservations!

Last night we had tacos: I browned the meat and seasoned it in the morning. My honey cut up all my ingredients and placed them in individual bowls. The leftover rice from the night before I reheated it and added taco seasoning to it (what a great way to use leftovers and is a great cheap stretcher for a family of 6. Last night when we got home  we reheated the meat and rice. Some of us had taco salad and some made tacos. The boys thought it was great and that makes my heart sing!

The key to pure craziness is to have a plan or your budget will not.

Have a blessed day, Candy

Kids bowl free this Summer

Go HERE and see if a bowling alley near you is on the list!

For a form and details- click your location if on the list.

Thank you,Kathy at  Makin’ It In MI for the information

Frugal Party ideas

This weekend is my youngest son confirmation. It will be a bitter-sweet moment when our whole family can receive communion together. I have posted some of these tips before but it is worth revisiting them again.

  • Make your invitations – Most of us have computers and I have learned from trial and error but it gives that personal touch. This year I emailed the invitations and I got back quick responses, which was a plus so I knew exactly how much food I needed. I don’t know if my Polish Grandma would have approved of emails but she would have loved the idea of having enough food for our guest!
  • Have a party with another– My great-niece was also making her confirmation and we go to the same church. Rather then split the family up we decided to have it together and pool our resources. We made decisions together and we shared in the cost. I have to say this was the least stressful party I have ever had!
  • Confirmation gown – This wasn’t even my idea, but work out great. The confirmation gown was $12.00 to buy, but my dear friend gave us her son’s.  Jacob and him are the same size so I saved $12. The tip- share your resources and save.
  • Decorations – For the last 6 years 2 of my friends from church and I have been passing around the confirmation  and Graduations decorations. This may seem like not that big of a deal, but it is something I bought once they have added to it and we share.
  • FoodMeat The food will be your biggest expense. We bought lunch meat but not the usual way, whole ham at $1.39/lb, turkey $1.40/lb and roast beef $2.69/lb. The store sliced them for free. We rolled them and made our own meat tray. We had plenty of leftover and we are freezing in what we can use for each week. We bought bulk to get the best price, My oldest works in a deli at a local store and ham is at least $4.99 a pound. This tip isn’t just for parties buy a whole type of meat have it sliced and separate in individual weeks worth freezer bags and save.
  • Food- Sides We have a great family and most bring something to the parties this is the way we have always done it and we help each other out. We had great variety and plenty. I wish I would have got a picture of the food.
  • Drinks– Having alcohol at parties can get expensive so this is something you may opt to do without. We had different types of soda and I found for 99¢ each at GFS  and 1 gallon of lemon aid mix that made 10 gallons.
  • Cups – try to stay in the 12-14 oz. size. I have noticed that people waste drinks not intending but if they sit a drink down and don’t know where they set it. Why use the bigger and waste more. ** tip – have a permanent marker by the drinks for your guest to mark their cups and you will waste less.**
  • Freeze water jugs – use for ice and then when it thaws you have cold water.
  • Many of the paper products and plasticware you can get at the dollar store.
  • Dessert – We brought a full sheet cake if cream filling at Costco for $16. I normally make my own cakes but this was a very special occasion and thought with us spitting the cost it was worth it. How about cupcakes, Brownies, cookies or make your own  ice cream sundae, Kids love any kind of dessert.

This month I have Confirmation, Wedding Shower and a family reunion I think I will be learning as I go!

Do have any Party tips to share?  Let me know and I will share. Have a great day, Candy