Frugal Back to school

Here are all the details of our Frugal back to school project at Monroe on a budget. Paula is the news reporter of the group and she explained it so well. Pop over to her site for all the details. We start Monday and We  hope you will join us.

God’s blessings on you day, Candy

Back to School on a budget

Wow! Summer is going fast and I am thinking back to school. Paula at Monroe on a Budget and I will be teaming up at the Rossford library on August 9, 2010 to talk  “back to school on a budget” so to gear up each day we are going to have another topic to discuss. Starting August 1, 2010 to August 9, 2010. The Monroe Evening  News and Paula will be having a back to school edition. Paula has so many great ideas….. make sure to check that out.  I would also love any of your ideas you may like to share. Our first day August 1, 2010 and that  will be  school supplies.

Have a great day, Candy

Help with your Grocery Budget

I have been trying to stick to our family budget. I try to stay in a $300.00 a month on groceries. Many will think that is impossible with 6 people, but it is getting easier and I will share how.

  1. Bring your Calculator–  I used to add up my items, but not anymore I start with my $69.23 and then subtract each item. This has worked great because I know when my total is getting close to zero so I am more likely to be more selective of what we need. Must groceries there aren’t tax but non grocery items there will be tax so I try to round-up on items to cover tax.
  2. Coupons – When I first started using coupons I hated it! I would get frustrated when I could find a coupon I thought we had or when someone would be behind me and I thought I was holding them up and would get flustered. Now I have my binder and can find the coupon I need…. Free money!
  3. Non-grocery items  –  Don’t buy them at the grocery store unless you can find a good deal….Buy at the Dollar store some will take your coupons also. Check with the store for details.
  4. Garden – This time of the year it is a great time for fresh produce. Roadside stands deals. If you have a garden share or others share with you. Plan your meals around what is in season and help your budget.

I love when we have food in the house it makes me feel like I am providing for my family…..what a great feeling!  Have a great day, Candy

Love Thy Neighbor

I don’t know if this is true where you live I can only imagine that it is. People are hurting, struggling and trying to keep their heads above water. I can’t believe all the closed and boarded windows on business’ and empty homes with long grass. It got me thinking we must help one another to get through this tight time. One may ask “well that sounds great on paper, but how when we are struggling too? or I don’t even know my neighbor”

  • If you have a garden share
  • If you are going to the store ask your neighbor “do you need anything?”
  • help the elderly bring in or out their garbage – it has been hot.
  • If you know your neighbor is struggling why not say hey Kroger had a great deal and I thought you could use some of these too!

Start the conversation…… extend your hand.

I guess we just need to keep our eyes and ears open if those around us needing help. Many times I forget the elderly that live in my neighborhood.

I am a believer when I give it comes back 10 fold….maybe not in things, but in love and friendship. Let me know any stories that come your way and I will you. I will be loving my neighbor.

Have a great day and God’s blessings, Candy

Keeping cool in this heat

keeping cool in this 90+ weather. I have never been into the whole using of our air conditioner but on days like today it is a blessings. I read a list of ideas to keep cool and here are a few

  • Run cold water over your wrist for a minute every hour or so.
  • Wear lighter clothing

I have a few of my own

  • Drink ice water
  • go outside every so often and when you go back in your home the air feels heavenly.
  • If you don’t have air conditioning find a location that does. The mall is free you can go and sit awhile or window shop. The library is also air-conditioned.
  • Senior centers have cooling locations that are free and you also get some fellowship.
  • Close the curtains and keep the sun out.
  • We have a window air condition so I close off the rooms we aren’t using during the day. Close closet door too no sense cooling them and wasting energy.
  • ceiling fans just feeling a breeze makes me cooler!

Keep cool! If you have any tips to add please do,  Candy

Bass Pro Shops fun for kids

Click Here for more details! Now through July 11, 2010

4th of July craft

Hi Candy!

I made a few of these cute lil buckets and thought I would share with you.
Going to give them out for 4th of July fun gifts.
I bought a galvanized pail at Michaels believe it or not they only cost me a penny yep .o1 so of course I had to come up with a cute fun idea to do with them.
Bought red, white and blue stickers to decorate the pail a little then I bought sparklers for $1.00 maybe $2.00 and divided them up then went to a dollar store and bought red, white, and blue candy things like baby ruth, 3 musketeer, crunch, york peppermint patties a $1.00 for a 8 pack of candy then I of course divided those up too.  Found Welch’s berries and strawberries gummi candy for .88 and a red, white and blue magnetic shopping list for the refrigerator for $1.00 added them all to the bucket and have this cute inexpensive gift to give.  Some buckets only have the candy in them but it’s still a cute gift for anyone!

Shelly R. in Maumee, Ohio is a wife and mother of 2 children.

Thanks Shelly they look great!