Time to think about your garden

This year I am really going to work my bit of earth. Our First Lady is having a garden on the south lawn. Michelle Obama said even the President will be pulling weeds.  I heard a report that with a $70 investment you can save up to $600 on your grocery bill.  I know I didn’t spend that, but I feel I can grow that amount.  I bought most of my seeds at the dollar store and it was 3/$1.00 and got the rest from garden session I took  earlier this month  at our local community garden. I learned so many things and I really want to grow my own produce and grow enough to share. I have been thinking,  if all who are planting gardens , planted an extra row and give to those who may be struggling or out of work, will help spread more than our own food budgets.

This morning I couldn’t sleep so I got up and  made some of my own paper pots.  Here is the  how to make the paper pots and I made mine a little smaller and used a vitamin pill bottle.


I am excited to see how my garden will grow before it is outside, This is a new experience that I was told about at the garden session I went to. By starting our seeds inside we are extending our gardening season. Randy said “boy it smells like dirt in here.”  I guess he is right but all good produce starts with a little dirt.  When I was picking out my seeds there were different types of containers and holders that are like green houses, I thought there has to be a cheaper way and I found this online and thought I would share create your own mini green house

I will keep you updated if I can really start my garden in the house. God’s Blessings and my friends, Start your…….. Seeds!  Candy


Home Depot Kids Workshop April 3, 2010

Kids workshops are free Saturday, April 3, 2010 9 am-noon Check out Home Depot for all the info.

Happy Frugal Easter

When our oldest was in the third grade I remember her talking with a friend on Easter afternoon. Her dad said “Look what the Easter bunny brought?” It was a brand new bike!  Randy and I thought how could we compete with that. We decided Right then it wasn’t a competition and didn’t  fall prey to it!

  • We were always blessed because my folks have always bought our kids their new Easter outfit. With 4 children this always was something that help us and they kids looked forward to it every year. If you aren’t so Lucky and have to buy your own: For boys a new shirt and tie makes them look crisp. For girls I love the frilly socks and a hat.
  • We have used the same Easter baskets and fill them every year.
  • We have candy, but it isn’t just that other things from the dollar store, kids love little goodies. Coloring book and crayons,a book,  little stuffed animal, Driveway chaulk, bubbles and a jump rope.
  • We love to put a cross and flowers on our colored eggs.You can accomplish this with a white crayon, draw your picture on the egg before you dye it and then like magic when you dye it appears.
  • Martha Steward has some great ideas. Most are cute and frugal!
  • Remember it isn’t about all the stuff. Easter is a time to be with those you love and Don’t forget the reason for the season.

Have a blessed day, Candy

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Reduce cost of living….Part 3

The less and more of being frugal. Reduce your cost of living by stretching what you have. Some of the ways we stretch our budget  is using less of products. This may not seem like it will add that much to your budget, but if you start you will be amazed.

USE Less…

  • Shampoo– Shampoo bottles have written on it rinse and repeat you don’t have to repeat. Try a smaller amount and see what happens
  • Conditioner
  • Laundry soap– I have a front loader and I use about a teaspoon of soap along with some powdered washing soda.
  • Fabric softener–  Don’t use it for towels it makes it less absorbent.
  • Dish soap
  • dishwasher soap– I only fill one of the soap cups and my dishes have been great.
  • This one is more for my kids…you can wear sweatshirt hoodies and jeans more than once!

Do More of…

  • Use your leftovers
  • make a meal plan and eat at home
  • drink water– We keep a pitcher in the fridge and I am more likely to drink it.
  • Learn to cut or trim hair– We bought clippers and scissors. I figure a few hair cuts and they were paid. If you don’t want to cut hair add a few weeks in between hair cuts and save.
  • Keep what you have in working order.
  • My dad’s line if my car isn’t running right “did you check the oil?” Always start there when you hear a noise in the engine.
  • Cut your own grass and save money– I love to cut the grass. I put my headphones on and jam. When the kids were young Randy and I would take turns because it was a way to get away for a little.
  • Try using those coupons…once you are hooked you really appreciate how much you can save.
  • Barter/ trade with your friends or neighbors. Maybe a car repair for a home cleaning.
  • Make your own gifts This doesn’t have to be stressful. A gift of time may be appreciated.

Dave Ramsey is always talking Beans and Rice to save money.  If you do add beans, rice, noodles, bread or potatoes to your meal it is a great filler. Randy’s family always had a salad, I noticed we have more leftovers if we have a salad…Something to think about.

How are you using less? I would love to hear, Candy

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic – March 27, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic this weekend. Please go to the site to register. Kids can make a  Kaleidoscope this Saturday March 27, 2010 10 am-11 am

“It’s a classic toy that we all grew up with! Bring your child in this week and they can build this cool Kaleidoscope!”

Have a fun weekend! Candy

Cute Easter Dessert

Cute Idea at Makin’ It In MI Check out her site and get the recipe!