New Attitude

It’s all in the attitude. On Sunday’s after church it is normal for members to stop and talk to one another, fellowship! A long time member said “well how are you today?” I said Wonderful! He said wonderful? I said yes wonderful! He said I have never heard anyone say they are wonderful. I think in our day in time people are down. I mean down right depressed. Just because things are tough doesn’t mean we have to fall into the cycle of poor me my life is terrible.

About a year ago my husband heard someone respond to “how are you” with a “best day of my life!” Randy thought he would try it. When you say best day of my life people are taken back. Maybe thinking why? You should try it and see what happens.

When I was a kid my mom would say “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all!” I think she knew what she was talking about. When someone asks you How are you doing? Do they really want to know or care how you are doing are is it just a greeting? Maybe we need to start really caring and take time to see those who are really hurting out there. Truly loving our neighbor as the Lord has commanded us!

What are you doing to stay up in such a down economy? I would love to hear.

God’s Blessings, Candy



It’s cold outside

Brr….It’s cold outside! How do you keep warm? Yesterday, we were without electricity for about 10 hours. I am grateful because many in our area are still without. Here are some things that keep us warm.

  • Last year,  I bought some curtains at the dollar general….I liked the green color and thought they would look great in our living room. They are called blackout curtains. I have noticed they keep our room warmer. Close your curtains in the evening and open them when the sun is shining!
  • I keep a small throw blanket on the back of each chair and the couch.  We just throw it over our shoulders.
  • We have a Gas stove so we could light the burner and I boiled some water throughout the day to keep some heat in the room.Please be sure to not leave it unattended.  Moist heat feels warmer then dry heat.
  • Shut the rooms up you aren’t using and shut closet doors….
  • When the family needed to go outside they used the back door only…. so we could keep the living space warm.

I have to say it was nice playing games with my boys and we made the best of it. It is sad how addicted to electronics we have become. How do you stay warm?

God’s blessings, Candy