Busy and frugal…..equals frugal fraud

Busy and frugal….. I have to admit I have been in a frugal funk. I am extremely busy and sometimes lack of time can put a crimp in my frugal lifestyle. I have been feeling like I am a frugal fraud ( a term my husband has coined for our family when we are not living our frugal lifestyle) Today, I am feeling hopeful again….I actually hung clothes on the line! Days like today are great and the clothes dry quickly!

I won’t be having a garden this year…..I first time in 22 years. I have finally made peace with it and am telling myself next year is a new year.

Most of us are in different places in our lives and some are “more”  frugal then others and that is ok. Anything we do to save is better than doing nothing.

Today is July 1 and I am going to start fresh and you can too. Little things add up, it takes one step at a time. Have a blessed day!


Boot strap pulling!

I wrote a post last week about pulling up your boot straps. It is not always an easy thing to do, but when you persevere through a tough time it is wonderful! When you live frugal it is hard work I am not going to lie, but it can help you through those boot strap pulling times.

  • Learn something that you can pass on to others when times are tough for them.

I can’t say I am always frugal.The hardest time for me to be frugal is when our family schedule is packed and to coin a phase from my honey “We are frugal frauds!”  This is when I forget the a leftover roast in the bottom of the fridge or we order pizza instead of making from scratch.

  • Organize and your frugal life will run smoother. Make plans for the leftovers and plan your menu. When you make a menu plan you will have all the ingredients you need and are less likely to eat out.

When I was a kid my Dad would say “what do you think money grows on trees?” Now that I am the parent I can see what he was talking about. The kids always need something and don’t think twice about it. For example Jacob “Mom, I forgot to tell you I need $65 today for My debate team” I wonder how Dave Ramsey handles that when he said “If it’s not on the budget…you don’t do it!” Kids really change the equation.

  • Have a line and fund on the budget labeled Kids activities. What I am finding is when they are older it isn’t $10 or $15 anymore it is $50 – $100.

When Randy and I first thought about starting an emergency fund we thought “How the hack can we do that…we can’t ever save!” Well I am here to tell you can if you add a little at a time it does build and you will have your $500 – $1000.

  • When you have an emergency fund then an emergency doesn’t seem as bad. Don’t keep the money at home because you will use it. Put it in an account and watch it grow!

We are pulling up the boot straps. Comment me and let me know how you are pulling up yours. God’s Blessings on you day, Candy

Tomorrow, Randy and I will go to a Financial Peace University FPU preview. This is a 13 week course by Dave Ramsey. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio for a while now and thought  why haven’t I started a class and learn how to become DEBT FREE.

My family debt is from our business and we have digging our way out. Now that we have a steady income it is getting easier, but I want to do it faster.

One thing I always hear Dave Ramsey say is “get on a rice and beans diet.” He explained this week I don’t mean that’s all you can eat just – Don’t eat out and cook at home! Well that is something easy enough.

About a week ago we were cleaning out the garage. We keep our freezer in the garage and Randy wanted to move it to another wall. We thought it was a good time to take an inventory. What we found was things that were 5 years old in the bottom, holes in bags and worse yet freezer burn. All waste…. I can’t tell you the sick feelings we had and all I could think was Frugal Frauds, wasting food. Now we have a plan. We were blessed with a chest freezer which isn’t really the best for finding thing but now we have plastic milk crates and we are rotating. I will know what is in that freezer and it isn’t going to waste.

I think sometimes in my life I need a stiff kick in the pants to get me going again in the right direction and I have to say I got mine last weekend!

Have a great day and God’s Blessings, Candy

How to reform my frugal frauds

I hope you don’t think we are terrible, but I wanted to let you know about a struggle we are having had in our home. Randy has a coined the the phrase “Frugal Fraud” we have  busy kids that can’t pick up their room, so clean clothes get mixed in with dirty. We don’t know what is clean and what is dirty so just wash it all.  Some may say just leave it! Our home is small and the girls room is at the end of the hall and I like the door open for the light down the hall.  Whenever asked they say “I’ll get to it”, but they are too busy.  Randy and I can usually threaten we will show grandma and grandpa their room and that used to do the trick, but not anymore. Tuesday, Randy asked them to please get it picked up. Both girls did a little pick up and had to leave, too busy! Randy and I thought how can we get their attention? We bagged up all the clothes on the floor and bed.  The funny part is when they both got home one  thinks the other cleaned the room. Wednesday, I picked up the floor and bagged it and Thursday I picked up the room and put in another a bag. We are going to have a running total to see how many days it goes before they realize the clothes are getting thinned out and not in the house.  Last night,  they both are starting to notice they aren’t finding some of the things they need. Lyndsey stated  ” I think my stuff is vanishing in thin air!” (the happening before) Lyndsey had came home from school changed her school clothes threw them on the bed  and left. I bagged them up after she left.  When she had arrived back home after practice she was looking for the clothes and put on a different outfit. I can’t believe how many clothes they have and wonder if they really need them all. I will keep you updated.


I have great girls and I wouldn’t trade them for anything and I know it is just being a teenagers but want the process to go a little faster learning to pick up their room and put away the clean clothes. I know My mom is going to think those poor kids, but I remember having to pick up my room and make my bed everyday. I said to my mom the other day “I remember staying up late watching scary movies with Kim (my sister) and doing laundry”.  My mom said “I don’t remember that it must have been a fantasy movie!” We laughed.  I guess I was a fugal fraud too!

It is going to be a beautiful day in my area and I hope it is in yours, Candy

How to mentor frugal frauds!

Ways to mentor frugal frauds on laundry:

  1. Homemade fabric softener; 2 Cups cheap conditioner, 3 cups Vinegar and 6 Cups water. Mix and store in a container and use it just like your regular fabric softener.
  2. Cut fabric softener sheets in half and they can be used more then once.
  3. Only wash full loads of laundry, weather 1 thing or a full load you use the same amount of water.
  4. Learn to use 1 Tablespoon laundry soap
  5. I have been considering the girls doing their own laundry. I bet the multiple changes would diffidently change.
  6. Hang clothes and use the dryer less. We have a solar dryer outside, a clothes line. In the winter I have a rod above my washer to hang clothing. The moisture adds to our home.
  7. Clean the lint trap after each use.
  8. Vinegar also makes a frugal fabric softener.
  9. Take clothes out of the washer right away so you don’t have to rewash them and waste water.
  10. Things that can be worn more then once- Jeans, bras, Pajamas and sweats.
  11. Hang your towel to dry and you can use it again.

All are savings when it comes to Laundry.

Frugal Fraud!

My husband, Randy was doing laundry when he said to me “we are frugal frauds!” For those that know me this was a cut to my heart. I said how can you say that? He showed me how our children cleaned their rooms and threw the clothes we had washed the day before back into the laundry. We have gone to extremes to save water in our home since in two years our water rates have doubled. I’ll give you our water saving tips in my next post. So my husband was ticked that this was their mode of cleaning their room.  In reality they were too lazy to put them away and it is easier for mom or dad  to wash them again.  Being frugal is my walk and it isn’t always my children.

This term Frugal Fraud has stuck in our home. When I forget leftovers and have to throw them away, Stop by a drive thru for a quick meal or wash the clean clothes. In our home we don’t always do things as “frugally” (a word I think needs to be in the dictionary) as we should but we are on the right path. I just have to figure out how to get my children on the path with Randy and I.

The word frugal in the dictionary says avoids waste.

I belong to a group online called Frugal Village I told them our frugal fraud exprience and many have had frugal fraud moments and have decided to try a little harder.