A New “Frugal” Year

Good Morning Friends!

If you were to ask me where to begin on a frugal journey?  I would have to say one day at a time. All of us will have different ideas on “being Frugal” some ideas we love and some ideas we hate. Just use the ideas that work best for you and you will see savings in your life. Let’s let the Frugal journey begin!

These are upcoming topics we will be discussing:

1. Remember everything is the Lord’s – We are just the keeper!

2. Food is a big money concern –

  • Groceries
  • Cooking meals
  • Eating out

3. Money saving Recipes

4. Bathroom Savings

5. Dave Ramsey’s Debt snowball

God’s blessings on your day, Candy









Unemployed…..A new chapter in my life

This week my husband and I found out our job will be coming to a close the end of December. I am left with a mix of emotions, but I am feeling I need to get back on my frugal path.

What to do when you are facing unemployment?

I feel we have been in this predicament several times and I get in my provide for the family mode.

  • Get prepared– Make sure to have all caught up or ahead as soon as you find out.
  • “Don’t make your net worth more important than your self-worth!” Meaning just because you are out of work doesn’t make you worthless.
  • Looking for work is my new job….
  • For me my friends and family have been giving me leads on jobs….Let your friends and family know you are out of work.
  • Look for what you can cut or get rid of what you don’t need.
  • With our job we do not have unemployment, but if you are eligible for unemployment take care of it right away….it may take a little time for your benefits to kick in.

I would love to hear your tips too! Have a blessed day, Candy

Living on Less

Thank you to all who attended The library Living on Less class. We had a great day and I learned some myself. I just love how we all can help each other in this down time in our economy.

Living on Less

Someone once told me “Don’t make your net worth more important than your self-worth!” It stuck with me because when broke it is easy to have a poor me attitude. For me I have to get the attitude of providing for my family….a kind of hunter/gather  looking for ways to provide for my family. When we have been at our lowest financially I can remember looking around the house asking what can we sell.

Last night, we had spaghetti….. no garlic bread so we used bread and bagels toasted with garlic butter.It was great and no boys complained. SCORE one for frugal!

How are you living on less….. I would love to hear. Have a blessed day, Candy

New Attitude

It’s all in the attitude. On Sunday’s after church it is normal for members to stop and talk to one another, fellowship! A long time member said “well how are you today?” I said Wonderful! He said wonderful? I said yes wonderful! He said I have never heard anyone say they are wonderful. I think in our day in time people are down. I mean down right depressed. Just because things are tough doesn’t mean we have to fall into the cycle of poor me my life is terrible.

About a year ago my husband heard someone respond to “how are you” with a “best day of my life!” Randy thought he would try it. When you say best day of my life people are taken back. Maybe thinking why? You should try it and see what happens.

When I was a kid my mom would say “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all!” I think she knew what she was talking about. When someone asks you How are you doing? Do they really want to know or care how you are doing are is it just a greeting? Maybe we need to start really caring and take time to see those who are really hurting out there. Truly loving our neighbor as the Lord has commanded us!

What are you doing to stay up in such a down economy? I would love to hear.

God’s Blessings, Candy


Rejoice and Love thy neighbor

Since my husband has had his heart surgery I have felt truly loved. We have received prayers, notes, phone calls, dinners and even a few gift cards. I never realized how special these things were until I received them. Now I can say I am changed…. I can do more and will!

A few months ago our Bible readings (Luke 15) were the parable of the Lost sheep and lost coin….after the sheep was found the Shepard went home and says to his friends and neighbors  “come and rejoice with me” and when the woman found her coin she called her neighbors and said “come and rejoice with me” The next week was the story of John the baptizer’s birth (Luke 1). When it was time for Elizabeth to have her baby, she gave birth to a son. 58 Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they shared her joy.

I have been thinking a lot….do I truly rejoice with one another? Do I love and care for those in need? Speaking as one who was in the midst of a crisis…..It is wonderful and we feel loved. I am changed ….

God’s Blessings, Candy

TV without Cable

Happy New Year! Every year since we got cable we would watch the Twilight Zone Marathon and this year as many of you know we got rid of cable some months back. We decided we were going to try to watch it through the computer on the TV. I had heard you can watch TV shows through your computer and watch them on the TV. I bought a S-video cord….Please keep in mind every computer is different and so you may need a different type of cord. I am happy to say we had a great family night and watch Twilight Zone all evening!

I was amazed all the different shows we could watch on the TV through the computer. Cable shows I enjoyed until we got rid of our cable. Most TV websites have the shows on their sites. You do have commercial like the TV, but My husband said “I don’t so much mind watching commercials since I am not paying for it” We paid for cable and still had to watch commercials…

This is also an idea if you lack time….you can watch a show you missed at a later date. Remember just because you don’t have cable you don’t have to be in the Twilight Zone you can be watching it!

Have a great day, Candy

New Year and New thinking

As I reflect, this year has taught me many things about our family and our way of life. This month my husband had open heart surgery, My youngest daughter turned 18, our oldest daughter got married and Christmas. When friends or family have been in the midst of Crisis  in their lives I have always offered to help and now I realize I was doing the bare minimum. I have to say during this month I have felt so loved. We have had family and church friends brought us dinner, sent gift cards, groceries and even Christmas gifts. I have been changed and humbled.

Our family is not a wealthy family in the sense of money, but wealthy in so many other ways. We have tried to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. Some have asked how do I help others without time or money. Here are some of the things others have done for us and I am hoping to continue on to help others.

  1. Make a dinner– I have been working my and Randy’s job and when I arrive home and a dinner was here it was a wonderful gift. I think it was more of a gift for me then Randy because I didn’t have to cook after work. An extra meal can be made when you are making your own dinner to give to another.
  2. Buy a dinner– We received a few dinners that were bought at Sam’s club. These were great because if we had leftover and weren’t ready for those dinners we could put them in the freezer and use on a later day.
  3. Gift of time– I have been blessed that I can keep up my job and work Randy’s job because he is off work for 8 weeks. If he had a job that I couldn’t keep up we would be devastated. I have received gifts of time. My brother-in-law has met me at work each day and helped me….He has took Randy’s place and helped me keep up his job. A wonderful gift that has kept our family afloat. *****Yesterday we were able to pay it forward and watch a dear friends 3 children while he went to the hospital with his wife….. so Babysitting is a gift of time! ****Sitting with a family member or friend at the hospital has they wait for their loved on in surgery….Is a gift of time
  4. Food I have a dear friend that dropped off a bag of groceries and a gallon of milk. She said “I was think you may not have had time to go to the store” Many of us have a stockpiled built up and we can take a few things and share with others. Another friend brought a Tupperware of cookies and her daughters made. One made the cookies, one made a beautiful picture and  the youngest a Christmas ornament. What a lovely gift.
  5. Gift card– We received a gift card to a grocery store…then you can buy the things you need.
  6. A Card with a note– I can’t say enough how much a card lifts your spirit. There is something in knowing someone is thinking and praying for you and your family.

Have a blessed New Year! Candy