Growing Green Onions

I read this some while ago and I just had to try it to see if it works. I bought green onions to put on top of our bean dip for New years eve. They leftover was in the fridge and I trimmed all of them off and put them in water.

and one week later look what we have….

The water needs to be changed every so often to keep the roots happy and healthy. Green onions can top potatoes, noodles or salads…..just cut them up. You can keep uses the plant you and eventually it will stop growing and then you know it is time to start another one!

Have a blessed day! Candy


How does your Garden grow….

This time of the year is wonderful. I don’t know about you, but when I get produce from the garden it is so satisfying providing for your family. We are starting to see some of the fruits of our labor. Last year we didn’t even attempt to garden….now we know my husband was not feeling well with his heart. Now that his heart is fixed we are starting to get back to our frugal way of life.  Today, we visited relatives and they grow a few things we have never tried  blackberries and potatoes.

The blackberries were huge and when we picked them I was pleasantly surprised there were no thorns…..easy to pick and I wasn’t attacked by the bush. We were given some starts so maybe in a few years we will have some too!

These potatoes were grown by using small potatoes that are in your bag of potatoes that have 3 or 4 growing eyes. If the potato is small plant  the whole potato if it is a big potato cut in half or quarter.  Here is a link.

I am thinking we can all share and help each other learn. Share your wisdom with a friend or relative.

God’s blessings, Candy

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What to do with all those peppers?

As many of you know I didn’t have a garden which is so unlike me. It was a hard decision and I regretted  it. I have been blessed with friends and family which have supplied me well. My friend Robin dropped a box of colorful peppers. I love to chopped them up and freeze. I use them in meals all winter long.

Chop them up and place on a foil covered cookie sheet. Place them in the freezer for about an hour to flash freeze them.

Then after frozen place in a freezer ziploc bag and put in the freezer.

This time I used the reds and yellows because last week I did a bag of green peppers. I am all set for the winter. The peppers are great to add to all kinds of recipes. stir fry to soups.

Have a great day, Candy

The 577 Foundation in Perrysburg, Ohio

577 Foundation located in Perrysburg, Ohio Offers many different classes. Here is the site with that list.

Randy and I took this class last year and learned so much-


Nutrition in our vegetables is declining as our soils are being “farmed out”. Learn how to get top nutrition, flavor & pest resistance into the foods you grow. Leader: Kris Johnson Limit: 30   March 10, 2010  6-8pm   Fee: $10.00


Nutrition in our vegetables is declining as our soils are being “farmed out”. Learn how to get top nutrition, flavor & pest resistance into the foods you grow. Leader: Kris Johnson Limit: 30     Fee: $10.00
Wed – Mar 10

Grapes are ready!

A few days ago I got a call from my dad our grapes are ready. He panics if I don’t get them right away because, some years when I go to pick someone has beat me to them. Yesterday, I made our grape jelly. 4 pints and a bowl.

jelly 005

Getting the grapes ready!

jelly 008

Randy said “only 4 pints!” I said it will be the best jelly – because we made it!

Have a great day and if anyone wants to make jelly I’ll get you the recipe, Candy

In-Season Produce

Good Morning! I have been thinking about how we can save with all the fresh produce that is coming in-season. I have found a site that you can look up your state and see what is in season right now called sustainable table.

I grew up in the country and there was a U-Pick strawberry field. Picking strawberries are hard work, but when my mom made her strawberry jelly we had them the whole year. The strawberry signs have been calling me I need to get out to pick some before the season is over.

Canning is one way we can eat all of this great in-season produce. If you are new to canning. Here are some ideas where to find your supplies.

  • Garage sales
  • Goodwill or savers
  • Ask a friend and share
  • My dad gave me a huge box of jars and I haven’t had to buy jars yet.

The ring can be used again and again, but just make sure when you wash them and dry right away so they don’t rust. all you have to buy is the caps. Small mouth jars when opened and kept in the fridge a peanut butter lid fits nice and it is easier to open and close without the ring and lid.

I like to can with My can-can buddy. We harvest together and then can together and split our work it makes the time go faster and it is great to have help. My can-can buddy just moved back from a year away so I am thrilled.

Well some may say “I don’t have time to can” try freezing your fresh produce. You can use freezer bags or invest in containers that you can reuse. If you freeze your produce flat you can store more.

If we take the time now to look for the bargains while they are in stock we will be further ahead when they aren’t. I haven’t harvested anything out of my garden yet but it is just around the corner. I also wanted to tell you I am surprised the produce I get for free like apples, grapes, peaches and tomatoes. keep your ears open and you may find others that just can’t use all their produce and it is free for the picking.

If you aren’t able to find free, farmers and road side stand usually have great prices on the things we aren’t going in our garden and you are supporting our struggling farmers and the produce is fresher!

If you have tips let me know and I will share!

Have a blessed day!  Candy

Get the 2-1-1

Randy and I were invited to the WTOL Coping Families Virtual Town Meeting. I wanted to share a few of the points.

Our country has  a unique way to get help. We have 911 for emergencies and 411 for the info to contact of business or residence,  but we have another I was not aware of and that is by dialing 211 you are connected to different help agencies in your area. I was told this is a nationwide initiative : 211 is a simple, easy-to-remember number to call when you need help or access to human services. It is a free 24-hour service so you get the help you need when you need it.It will immediately forward you to the local 211 center, which will then direct your call to the appropriate agency when you need:

  • Information about human service agencies
  • Food and shelter providers
  • Child care resources
  • Special services for seniors
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • County and city information          … plus much more!

I had the honor to met Marcy Kaptur, she is our US Congresswoman for our area. I found her to have spunk and she has a heart for her community and America. Yesterday, I told you about her challenge to a start victory gardens and help others. If you go to the site you can register your commitment to help and receive drop off locations.

In Northwest Ohio we have an organization called ESOP – Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People. This is an organization that Provides a face to face assistance with those who need help in foreclosures or pre-closure. Te counseling and loan modification service is free of charge for northwest Ohio residents. I met Luke Rowe who is a foreclosure advocate he was knowledgeable and it is nice to know those in this situation have someone in their corner. If you are in the northwest Ohio you can contact him at:

Luke Rowe, Foreclosure Prevention Advocate
520 Madison Ave. – Spitzer Bldg., Suite 857
Toledo, OH  43604
Phone: 419-464-9885
There is help if we just learn were to go and if we work together… Better days are coming!
Have a blessed day, Candy