Panning for Red Gold

I checked out the Red Gold site this morning.  There are coupons, recipes and meal planning help. I signed up for the newsletter and receive special offers. Check out their site!

Thanks to Real life living check out her site! I have added her to my blog roll because she has some great frugal ideas  and tips to help us on our journey!  Annie is having a give away and it is running until 10 pm  March 21, 2010


Friday Night Pizza

One of the area’s our family has conserved on money is we rarely buy our Friday night pizza. Before we stating making our own we could spend $10- $25 a Friday. Toward the end of our take out Friday nights we were buying Little Caesar $5  pepperoni pizza’s, but had to buy 2-3 pizza because of our family and friends. Friday night pizza’s used to be a real budget breaker now it is family time, making our pizza together, Priceless!

This week while shopping Randy and I used a coupon and received 80¢ off  the original price and thought we couldn’t make pizza crust for that price.

Last night we made our pizza’s with the Pillsbury crust and the total cost of our 2 pizza’s was right around $10 and we had sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onion and cheese.  Two supreme pizza and the kids loved it.  We will buy the crust again.

I think a lot of us are stressed and busy, it is easy to just order out pizza. We have been making our pizza dough and all and these pizzas made with the Pillsbury dough were made and ready in a 1/2 hour, a real time saver too!

Have a great day and God’s blessings, Candy