Is there life after cable?

We bought a digital antenna in January and just finally decided we could live without cable.  All Huner’s are still alive. When Randy hooked it up and we got 16 channels except for 13 and 11…. we made the leap we are committed….. I wish I could have done it sooner. We couldn’t figure out why we weren’t getting our favorite channel…..then came on the light bulb… we had purchased a UHF antenna and not a VHF/UHF antenna. We then purchased one and we still don’t get 11 or 13 but the 16 other channels. We are still trying to figure out what to do to get these channels. I read an article that when TV stations went Digital Buckeye cable vision our local cable service received 5000 more customers because they couldn’t get their favorite channels.

I am not going to get the cable back I really want to use this time to save money. We can watch these channels on tv through the computer. I will let you how that goes. I have to say there is life after cable!

Have a great day, Candy


Money down the drain

We are tired of watching our money go down the drain!

Our family just seems to be spending left and right. Randy and I are thinking of what can we do! With 4 children, upcoming December wedding for our oldest, senior in High school all the graduation goodies, Sophomore cello lessons and class ring, class trip and our youngest viola lessons and he is our cheapest one right now. Decisions are being made!

  • Cut the cable and we bought a digital antenna for $30 and will save $59.99 each month.
  • Cut the home phone and save $29.99.
  • Lower the minutes on our cell phones and saved $20

A  savings of a little over a hundred-dollar a month…..more cutting to come.

The kids aren’t so happy but ……Randy and I have been ruining lives since 1989. Have a blessed day, Candy

Clean your own home and get paid!

Need  extra money try these things:

  • Clean your house– whenever I clean I find money in the couch and  under beds.
  • Clean the car outI always seem to find it under the seats or in the center section
  • Do the laundry– the laundry lady gets all money found in the washer or dryer!
  • Clean out your purse– I can always tell the state of my life when I look into my purse. When it is a disaster I am busy and not watching my pennies. When my purse is clean I am am more organized about my money.

I keep a jar on my washer and throw the change I find into it. this week I rolled it and had $29. I asked my bank for coin rollers and was given a stack for the different coins for free.

It has been a strange month and  my apologies for not posting. I haven’t  felt very frugal since all I seem to be doing is spending money.

God’s blessings, Candy