Sites with tight budget recipes

A  few great budget meal sites and wanted to share:

Kraft foods has a few new sections that I think are wonderful and wanted to share:

  • Budget Wi$e meals – many of the recipes are video taped so you can see exactly how they are made. I like that because I learn by seeing.
  • 1 bag 5 dinner recipes One grocery bag of ingredients and produce 5 meals.  Many of the recipes have the same ingredients or things you may already have at home..

Pillsbury also has some budget friend recipes.

Campbell soup

Meijer Meal Box has coupons and budget friendly recipes

Stel sent me this Chickens in the road for some thrifty recipes and I thought we all could use some.

Have a great day and if you have a site you would like to share with us thrifty, budget friendly or easy recipes we would love to hear them. Have a great night, Candy


Recycle/Reuse – Toothbrushes

What to do with old toothbrushes? Soak them in bleach water then rinse and air dry.  I store old toothbrushes in a jar under the kitchen sink. Here are some uses for those old toothbrushes:

  • Clean around the fixtures on the sinks
  • Clean the  kitchen disposal and around drains
  • Shower door tracks- fits in the track great
  • The corners of the tub/shower that are hard to reach
  • Clean tub grout cleaner
  • Cleaning jewelery
  • spot treatment scrubber before laundry
  • Clean the inside of a vase
  • Clean your nails after all that gardening
  • If the toilet seat bolts or  around the toilet, yucky (you can throw it away when you are done, it has served it’s life well!)

The great thing about old toothbrushes are you can throw them away when you want and you aren’t out any money. You should get a new supply after about every 4-6 months.  If you have any toothbrush using tips let us know and I’ll share. Have a blessed day, Candy

Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoops 4/29/2009

Reminder: Baskin Robbins 31¢ a scoop ice cream

Even better…THIS year, Baskin-Robbins has partnered with the National Volunteer Fire Council, (NVFC), and will be donating $100,000 to the National Junior Firefighter Program!

Please go to their site for details and see if it is in your area.

I also noticed on their site 7 tips to keep your family safe/ fire safety tips

Plantcycle -gives tips, ideas and shares

I belong to a group like freecycle, but is for plants and gardening Toledo Plant Cycle I receive messages like freecycle. This week I am getting some great tips and ideas from those in the group and wanted to share if you are in the Toledo area you may want to check out this mentoring group. You ask question and you will get answers. If someone has extra they share or if you are looking for a type of plant you ask.

  • This was a link shared and wanted to pass it along. a way to garden with out space.
  • Community gardens are popping up for those of you that don’t have space. We are all looking for ways to add to our budgets. Gardening will help our budgets.
  • Raised beds for those who have bad knees or nosy dogs- The book Square Foot Gardening was suggested.
  • Planting hens and chicks in an old tennis shoe- Recycle and cute!
  • Compost is called Black Gold and is priceless to a garden!
  • Using Rototiller is bad for you garden, I guess I can’t tell them I spent last weekend watching Randy use the tiller. I was given some food for thought. Here is what Janet wrote to a new gardener:
    Tilling is not a good thing. It destroys soil structure, kills worms
    and other good soil organisms and releases carbon, polluting the air.
    The best and easiest method is to build a lasagna bed – essentially
    adding layers of organic materials starting with cardboard or wet
    newspapers. You can plant in it right away.

    Check the library for the book “Lasagna Gardening” by Patricia Lanza,
    or click the link to read about it (No-Till, No-Dig Gardening):   I like that Janet suggested checking the book out of the Library and not going out and buying it.

  • If you live in the Toledo area check out their site and if you don’t check your area for a plant cycle group. If you have gardening tips or ideas please do share!  Have a great day and happy gardening! Candy

Meet me at the Rossford Library!

I want to thank Kristine at the Rossford Library for the wonderful flyer for Paula and me.  Today is my 100th post!  I just wanted to say I am enjoying all that is being shared with me. Thank you and here’s to 100 more, Candy

Confirmation Party

May 17th my son Jacob will be making his Confirmation and  so will my great niece, Morgan (Morgan is Randy’s sister’s granddaughter). We all go to the same church and decided it would be better to have the parties together and save our family the stress of dividing up. I am thinking by having our party together it is also going to save us both in time and expense.

  • Two friends and I have been sharing confirmation decorations for 3 years and this year is my year to use them and then pass them on. The same can be done with birthday and graduation decorations. Decorations Done √
  • Our family is great because whenever we are having a party we help each other with food by bringing a dish. This not only helps with the cost, but helps with the stress of preparing everything the day before.

I think our family together will go into shock having a party with both my side and Angie’s side because we are both polish and we love our food and nobody leave hungry!

  • Angie, Morgan’s mom and I have decided to go for a picnic theme and are buying our meat at Gordon foods. If you buy your ham or turkey there they will slice it for you the highest prices were right around $2.08 a pound. If you give them a total head count, Gordon’s will tell you how much you need on any item in the store. I thought that was helpful, I always call my mom and ask her what she thinks I need, she is the party expert in my family.
  • Invitations- Can be bought at the dollar store or made on the computer (I just bought ink this weekend and I think the dollar store would be cheaper!)
  • While looking at drink cups we saw a great price, but they were big cups and with big cups comes waste. Kids fill them and leave them and won’t drink them if they aren’t sure it is their drink.  14 oz look good and a quick tip have a marker by the beverages for guests to put their name on their cup.

We are still planning and it will be here before we know it. If you have any party tips please share and I will pass them along.  Have a great day, Candy

Toledo Area Sales ads 4/26-5/2

I am seeing some more great sales for us this week and just wanted to share. Here are a few that stuck out to me. Go to their site and type in your zip code and see the ad for your store.  This week I am going to talk a little more about my coupon binder and using coupons.

Kroger: (using you Kroger store card) offer double coupons up to 50¢ Sale for 4/27-5/3

  • Kroger Milk, OJ and chocolate milk- $1.98
  • Eggs- 98¢

5 Star (Kazmaier’s)

  • 10 for $10 on a lot of items

Kmart Face value on coupons

  • Cheerios – 3/$6 receive a dollar off coupon when you buy 3 and one coupon per transaction.
  • VO5 shampoo and conditioner – 79¢

Meijer offer double coupon up to 50¢

  • Meijer Bread – 98¢
  • Milk 1 gal – $1.98
  • Meijer eggs – 98¢
  • Meijer Pasta –  2/$1 *** stockpile great price!****
  • Meijer ketchup and Mustard- 99¢ each
  • VO5 Shampoo and conditioner 79¢ each

Walmart (Click on local ad and put you zip code) While reading the sales ad there is a $1 or less aisle. I will be checking that out. Face value on coupons

  • Lady Speed Stick and Speed Stick – $1
  • Pillsbury brownie mix- $1
  • Chef Boyardee canned pasta- 88¢

Walgreen Face value on coupons

  • Revlon Colorsilk hair color – $1.99  Limit 3 ( with in-store coupon)
  • Deerfield  farms Baking soda and Morton salt – 2/$1 (with in-store coupon)
  • Reynolds Wrap foil or Walgreen wax paper – 89¢ (with in store coupon)

Rite Aid Face value on coupons

  • BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Sale going on this week!

I am going to do stocking up on some items this week. Have a great day, Candy