Pizza and a Movie

Good Morning!

We had a great weekend and when all was said and done we didn’t really spend that much. Here is how:

homemade pizzas– this time we used leftover pork, grilled chicken and spaghetti sauce. An extra bonus was the onions and green peppers were from my garden.

movie night 002

We had our movie night. Our youngest was away at church camp, so Jacob had a few buddies over. We made a campfire and we watched our movie outside on our neighbors garage.

movie night 012

movie night 010

The simple things in life. I always joke when I am having a great time and say I wonder what the poor people are doing today? I am having pizza and a movie and feel so rich and blessed!

Have a great day and God’s blessings, Candy


Meijer Deals week of 8/30/09

Jolyn at Macomb Money Savers has the Meijer deals for us all this week posted. Thanks Jolyn!

Meijer Mealbox also has some great coupons this week. Just click on specials on the mealbox and you will find coupons to print.

Have a great weekend and God’s Blessings, Candy

free pet…..

I wanted to talk about free pets. There is no such thing as a FREE PET! Our oldest Kelsey wanted to get a bunny and she has found the cutest little bunny named Oliver. I say he is my Grand-bunny.

While you consider a free pet there are things you need to think about as Kelsey is now seeing.

  • Food
  • cage and play area
  • Vet bill
  • Oliver is a boy and was told if he isn’t fixed, he will get mean and spray. This bill will be $280 ≈ such a little bunny with a hefty price tag.

Free may equal a big bill over the life of your pet.

Have a great day and God’s blessings, Candy

Families Coping

If you didn’t get to see our families coping video

We are very blessed because our school offers choir, band and orchestra Instrument lesson. I know it isn’t always possible to give your child Private lessons. When things were tight we did discuss not following through with the Private lessons. I don’t know how we did, but it all worked out.

Have a great day, Candy

Library closed on Sundays!

In this current state of affairs many organizations are hurting and our libraries are no different.



Due to budget cuts, the
Rossford Library will remain closed on Sundays.

This is on the Rossford library site and the Toledo Lucas County Libraries have also closed on Sundays. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to run to the Library on a Sunday for last minute report preparation. The Library has really been a great part in my frugal journey. Reading frugal tips- teaching frugal classes (Something a year ago I would not have thought possible.)  I have met frugal friends along the way thanks to the library and staff.

September 22, 2009 Marilyn Jaegly of Marilyn’s Money and I are teaching a Frugal Class at the Oregon Library.

October 13, 2009 Paula Wethington of Monroe on a Budget and I are at the the Toledo Locke Library.

I love the classes because I learn some more  from my friends and the guest that attend making more friends.

Thanks to all who wrote letters to our administration on behalf of our libraries. I think it may have been worse if we didn’t. I also wanted to add I heard for all I sent letters and emails  except one Governor Ted Strickland, who was doing the proposing, some food for thought!

Have a great day, Candy

New post on Another Valuable Lesson Back to school, teenagers and the meanest mom in the world!

Saving at Cedar Point

$10 to park your car

$37- $44 to get in to the park

$3 for a drink

$58 for 4 burgers, 3 fries and 4 drinks

Going to Cedar Point for the day Price-full!

Our family went to Cedar Point for the day and there is nothing worse then fretting about money! As I look back there were thing we should have done to prepare better.

  • When I was a kid my mom packed a cooler of food and we met to eat lunch. My kids might have said c’mon mom we never do this. This may have took care of of some of the food and drink money.
  • My dear friend Lynne told me they drink water all day and the vendor will give you water if you ask if you have to pay 5¢ of the cup you just saved $2.95.
  • Buy the discount tickets and save at least $7 they are sold all over or you can bring a Pepsi can marked with a discount.
  • Cedar point has a Deals and Discounts on their site. Check it out before you want to go.

If you have tips please share and I will post them.

About those shrinking ride seats! Have a great day and God’s Blessings, Candy

Learning on Vacation!

Good Morning! This week our family had a get away to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I thought is was great! My children seem to think Randy and I stop to read everything and I guess they are right we just love the stories. When we were leaving the Hall of fame we stumbled onto a Submarine called the COD that fought in WWII. I think that was the hit of the trip and it cost us 1/4 of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Before the COD was docked it was at sea for a minimum of 44 days and a max of 75 days and they had about 95 men. The quarters were tight! I noticed they stockpiled and rightly so because you couldn’t run out of food with 95 men.

Huner Vacation 027

Huner Vacation 028

The Sailors even had an in case of emergency stash of food.

Huner Vacation 016Stockpiling at it’s best!

We had a great couple days and we are off for a few more. Tomorrow, I think I will write about how I think the seats on the rides at Cedar Point are shrinking and how we will would enjoy our day a little more next time.

Have a great day and God’s Blessings! Candy