Frugal Fancy Flip-flops!

My dear friend Shelly  is at it again….I thought I’d share

Candy ~ here is an idea if you want to share I bought flip-flops for $1.00 and yarn for .52 cents This cute project only cost $1.52 each and I had 3 teenager girls make a pair each They loved it!
Hot glue at the beginning and wrap around flip-flop and hot glue at the end.
Takes about 15 – 30 min.

Thanks to Shelly for sharing! If you have a frugal idea please share. Have a great day, Candy


Cute Easter Gifts

A dear friend sent me pictures of the goodies she will be passing out for Easter and I thought I would share.

“I used smoothie glasses from Libby Glass they were .88 cents tissue paper any color will work styrofoam pieces, suckers that I bought at the dollar store, bended straw that I have in the house,  ribbon that was on sale at Michael’s for $1.00 shredded paper and rick rack ribbon that I already had here at home arrange however you think will look cute.  I made 4 of these and they were less than $5.00 a piece Cute fun idea”

“For this ice cream theme I bought tubs at Big Lot’s lined container with purple and yellow crinkled paper (Maumee colors:) bought sprinkles, syrup, cones, nuts etc…(whatever the people I was giving too liked) added some bunnies for Easter bought Baskin Robbin hard candies at the dollar store, and Coldstone ice cream jelly beans too added fun stuff to fit the person I was giving it too and the local ice cream stand gift cards (Toozer’s Time Out in Maumee) I bought everything on sale or with coupons if possible depending on how much you buy a gift card will depend on how much this gift will cost.
Mine around $10.00-$20.00 maybe
Sorta fun to make!”

“I bought baskets at the dollar tree, lined it with Saran wrap, placed held a head of lettuce in the bottom and kale on the sides used a cookie cutter to cut the pineapple, melon baller to scoop out the melon, placed a grape or 2 on a skewer then the pineapple then the melon arranged in basket cut skewers to fit in your basket it didn’t turn out as cute as I had thought but still a neat idea”

Wow, Thanks for sharing Shelly!

have a blessed day,   Candy

Beginning Genealogy

I have always been interested in my family genealogy. My mom and sister have been really finding the information lately and they are  finding treasures. There is a new show called “Who do you think you are” on NBC Friday nights by: I am amazed the information they uncover for each of the celebrities.

Have you always wanted to research your Family Tree, but weren’t sure where to begin?

If you are interested and you  live in my area the Rossford Library is hosting a Beginning Genealogy Session on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

Beginning Genealogy

Saturday, March 27th

10:00-11:30 a.m.

Presented by Becky Hill

from the Rutherford B. Hayes Obituary Index

In the library’s community room

Have a blessed day,

Fresh fruits and Vegetables…Buy Now, use later!

Ann sent me a note of the deals she has been finding. She had a great point buy now and use later!  Thanks, Ann

Hi Candy-

Thought I would share my “steals” for the weekend!

On Saturday, Aldi’s had Michigan Blueberries on sale for .45 cents a pint!! Needless to say I bought 10 pints. Washed, dried and frozen for the winter.

On Saturday, at the downtown farmers market, Tucker Farms out of Temperance had green peppers for $2.00 a peck. My peck had 20 peppers! Grant it they were “seconds” but who cares when I chopped them all up to freeze to use in the upcoming months.  Tucker farms also had HUGE zucchinis for 3 for $1.00. I chopped them all up and am making zucchini bread to freeze for the winter too.  That price sure beats .79 cents a pound at any store and they are so tiny.

Thanks Ann for sharing! Candy

Just Do It!

Many of you know I am struggling with getting organized and meal planning. I received a letter from Ann, a dear friend from my church. Ann gave me some great tips that I thought they were worth sharing:

  1. While making dinners write them down. Ann has a summer and winter menu. Ann uses menu calenders
  2. Plan your menu around what you have on hand or what is on sale.
  3. Organized Home website has a wealth of information.
  4. Have a check off sheet for your freezer and pantry and you will know what you need your next shopping trip.
  5. Ann uses tons of sticky notes to help her organize and I am going to try her tips!

Thanks Ann!

Randy and I have been working my cleaning job and his. We are extremely busy and I am not complaining I am thrilled the Lord has blessed us with work. Coming home after work to a home that  my children are in it all day isn’t as thrilling.  We had the family meeting and I explained if something is on the floor pick it up or you are done with your glass put it in the dishwasher. Sounds pretty easy….right? Our new theme is Just Do It! I printed little papers for around the house that read Just Do it!  I have to say I think it is helping so far. We are a crazy family with family meetings and in-services, but I need to do what works.

If you have any tips please do share! Candy

Not your same old coffee grounds anymore!

New uses for used coffee grounds!

I just liked the picture!

I just liked the picture!

Sheila has asked me to pass this along.

We had forgotten about this over the years & just started using grounds around various plants again.  Was doing some checking online about it when I came across this list.  I haven’t used some of them but am always cautious when it comes to things like pets, flea treatments, etc.  Anyway, thought you might find this list interesting & thought provoking. Also, don’t forget the crushed egg shells, too! 😉  Oh yes, Starbucks is said to have grounds free for the asking….again, I have no experience & in the present economy they might be charging for them.

This list was found on  Green Daily

1. Soften and add shine to hair. When washing your hair, rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse. For brown hair, coffee grounds add highlights.

2. Use coffee grounds as an defoliant for skin. Pat on skin, massage over skin, rinse.

3. Add coffee grounds to your skin mask beauty routine.

4. Make homemade tattoos (temporary) with henna and coffee grounds.

5. Fertilize plants. Old coffee grounds are nutrient-rich for plants that thrive in an acidic soil.

6. Add used coffee grounds to the pots of indoor plants.

7. Work used coffee grounds into your garden soil before seed planting. After your plants start to emerge, work in coffee grounds near the plants. Used coffee grounds are said to repel snails and slugs as well as adding nutrients to the soil.

8. Increase your carrot and radish harvest by mixing seeds with dry coffee grounds before planting the seeds.

9. Use coffee grounds to repel ants.

10. Keep cats from using your garden as a kitty box by spreading used coffee grounds and orange peels throughout flower beds.

11. Deodorize a freezer. Place a bowl with used coffee grounds in the freezer to remove unwanted odors. Add a few drops of vanilla to coffee grounds.

12. Rub coffee grounds on hands to get rid of smells from chopping or cutting up pungent foods.

13. Make a used coffee grounds sachet. Fill old nylons or cheesecloth with dry used coffee grounds. Hang in closets to absorb odors.

14. When you need an abrasive cleaner, coffee grounds can be used. Be careful of any surfaces that might stain.

15. Remove furniture scratches with wet coffee grounds.

16. Got a fireplace? Sprinkle wet coffee grounds over the ashes to keep from becoming engulfed in the plume of dust ashes create when you need to remove them.

17. Dye fabric, paper or Easter eggs. Simply add used coffee grounds to warm water and let sit a bit to create a dye.

18. After you give your dog a bath, rub coffee grounds through the coat of your pet. Coffee grounds are said to repel fleas.

19. Keep bait worms alive by mixing coffee grounds into the soil before you add worms.

20. Grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds.

A couple other interesting sites:

Thanks Sheila for sharing!

Thank you!

I love all the help and support I have received from all of you on my frugal saving journey. I have been so into saving that I have let my other sites go and am looking for some guest posts.

If you have lessons you have learned along the way and would like to share. Another Valuable Lesson Wanted: Another Valuable Lesson from you! This site started out for all the things Randy and  I have learned along the way and wanted to share.

The Letter I Cannot Send This site I started when I realized all those letters I had bottled up inside that I couldn’t send. My brother that died all the things I wished I said. I was very upset with someone and If I sent the letter it would further strain the relationship, letter therapy! I want to say not all the letters are mine I have received others  I get excited when I receive one. This site  is anonymous if it needs to be.

Deal with it, simply! is always for all of us to share our tips and deals. If you ever find something you would like to share let me know.

Thank you in advance for you help, Candy