Coupon 101… Where to begin!

I have been out of the coupon loop….I just wasn’t using coupons. Last week I started again and I had saved $53.56. What a great feeling and I have missed it.

For our daughter graduation dinner and Mother’s day I wanted to take my family out to dinner. My husband accused me of not being frugal. This was a cut to my heart. Well, I went to Kroger which had quadruple gas points and bought our Apple Bee gift cards and now can save on out gas. This is an idea with gas prices skyrocketing. Right now Kroger has double gas points if you buy a gift card.  Just a thought!

Coupons….Where to begin

  • You need coupons– You can buy the Sunday paper, ask friends or relatives to save their coupons if they aren’t using them, Computer Coupons, Website coupons from the stores to the product.
  • How to store your coupons….. I use a binder and my dear friend Paula at Monroe on a budget uses a coupon box. We both love our way….You have to find what work for you.
  • Learn the coupon lingo here is a list Paula and I have used for our Shopping on a budget course.
  • There are many coupon blogs that do all the hard work of matching the store to the coupon in our area. It is a lot of hard work and time and they do it for us to save. Wonderful!
  • Learn your stores coupon policy. I called my store when I started uses the coupons.
  • Don’t think on your first coupon try you are going to save hundreds….small steps and celebrate each little victory.

Let me know how your coupon adventures are going. Have a blessed day, Candy

Frugal and Busy….can they Coexist?

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a tread mill? I have been busy working long days and have kid activities in the evening, I haven’t been my frugal self. I have only made quick trips to the store and my pantry was depleted, Sunday I finally got to the store. I went to Aldi’s so I would feel bad I didn’t have coupons.  Today, I sat down to finally clip my coupon and some have already expired…Darn!  How can you find a balance between all?

Here are a few ideas I need to start:

  • Take my coupons with me and clip in the car while I am waiting for my child to get out of practice.
  • Make my menu plan so I am sure to have all the ingredients I need for our meals. Keep a pad of paper in my car or purse to start making my running list.
  • Keep my coupon binder in the car for my quick trips to the store and save! If I see a sale I can even get it cheaper.

One thing I am learning is it is harder for me to be frugal when I am busy and tired. I need to make the time to save. If you have any tips please do share  I would love to hear.

Have a blessed day!

No Coupons 9/6/2009

Just a reminder no coupons this Sunday due to the holiday weekend.

Free Appetizer at LongHorn Steakhouse

Coupon for a free appetizer with your purchase of one entree click here this expires on 9/20/2009

Thanks, Denise

Kraft back to school savings and Calandar

Savings for Back to school from Kraft:

To receive your Kraft  back to school savings and calendar  Click Here.  Hurry it is while supplies last!

It includes 2 $20 rebate forms and $15 in Kraft coupons including Capri Sun, Nabisco, Planters, Ritz Bits and Easy Cheese.

Thanks, Mom’s By Heart! Check out her site.

Another place to find coupons!

Angela at  the Coupon Project has some great advice today. If you can’t find a coupon for products you like? Why not call the company customer service. Angela tried  three different customer services and two sent her coupons and one didn’t have coupon at this time, but put her on the mailing list for the future.

Thanks Angela and check out her site the Coupon Project to read the whole story!

Save more by Coupon Stacking

Some may ask what is coupon stacking? Coupon stacking is using more then one coupon for an item. Which I thought I couldn’t do until this year. Coupon stacking is using a manufacture coupon (coupons found in the paper or Internet)**  along with a store coupon (Found in the stores flyer,  Catalina Receipt coupon or  even on the stores website).

** Manufacture coupons will usually read manufacture coupon on the top of it.

Coupon stacking really can increase your saving potential. Some stores may say one coupon per item , but they are usually referring one manufacture coupon per item.  Always ask at your store to make sure before you do all the work.

If you have any coupon tips or ideas please share!

Have a great day and God’s Blessings, candy