Thank you Holland Library!


I just love the Living on Less class, we had a great turn out. I always walk away learning some new tricks from the Librarian and the guests that attend. Here are just a few:

  • Thank you to Linda Kerul for sharing these Library goodies;
    • The library has ready to go bags of books in different age groups. pick up bag, check it out and go!
    • Hoopla – Instantly borrow free digital movies, music and more 24/7 with your library card
    • eMagazines– 24/7 and free with your library card- Go to for details
    • Online resources– from ACT,SAT and GED help all the way to American Indian history….Check out all the many great resources.
  • Pet Medication- Did you know your vet can call in a prescription for your pet to the pharmacy and it may be cheaper. Example: Meijer offer many different free antibiotic… Check it out

Thank you to all who attended. We have another class at the Waterville Branch,

Wednesday, April 22nd, 7-8 pm

Remember everything is the Lord’s and have less stress!


Good Sunday Morning! Everything thing we have is a gift for God and we are just the keepers of these things. When we die we cannot take anything with us…just those we bring to Christ.

It is easy to look at what others have and wonder, Lord why don’t I have all that others have.  Maybe those have used credit to get what they have or hard work. Life is not about the stuff…People and time are more important than stuff!

  • Living within your means is truly a relief. No stress from paycheck to paycheck.
  • By having an emergency fund, we have less emergencies and takes the stress off.
  • Taking care of what we have in our homes helps make them last longer and saves money.

Have a great day! Candy

A New “Frugal” Year

Good Morning Friends!

If you were to ask me where to begin on a frugal journey?  I would have to say one day at a time. All of us will have different ideas on “being Frugal” some ideas we love and some ideas we hate. Just use the ideas that work best for you and you will see savings in your life. Let’s let the Frugal journey begin!

These are upcoming topics we will be discussing:

1. Remember everything is the Lord’s – We are just the keeper!

2. Food is a big money concern –

  • Groceries
  • Cooking meals
  • Eating out

3. Money saving Recipes

4. Bathroom Savings

5. Dave Ramsey’s Debt snowball

God’s blessings on your day, Candy








Where to start with income loss

There are many of us feeling the pinch. No quick fix when you have lost your job or have in a decrease in pay. I know it is an overwhelming feeling. We have been living on one income since December.

Where to start?

Look at what you can cut or do without-

  • We sold one of our vehicles and now that payment is gone….along with the insurance, the plates and the gas.
  • Cable- We have been cable free for a while now and I have to say we are still alive….you can do it!
  • Cell phones- we opted not to get the new phones and we are on  a month to month…If money is too tight they are going.
  • Eat what you have and see how long before you got to the store…This is something I really like to do. We seem to eat better when I have to think and plan what we will be eating.
  • Eating out has become an everyday affair for many families. When I was a kid eating out was a special treat –> today you can find a fast food menu anywhere and cheap. Things need to change!
  • Attitude is a big part of living on one income. I feel great when I can provide for my family and get down when things are really tight. Keep your chin up

Let me know what you are doing to keep more in your pocket. God’s blessings, Candy

Shop your cupboards and freezer

Hello my friends,

I wanted to talk about when money is tight. This last week when had a lot of unexpected expenses and I told my husband “we are shopping the cupboards this week”.  I am amazed all we have that was just sitting here. I also plan for our meals even making desserts which doesn’t happen all that often.

This is a great way to save money and clean out the cupboards and freezer before expiration dates. Try it and see how you can keep more in you pocket!

Have a great day, Candy

Good Day my friend

Good Day my friends I have missed you!

I have been in a transition in my life. Last December my husband and I lost our contract for our job. This was a very stressful time and I have decided that anger makes you ugly. I feel what others meant for evil God has made it into something wonderful. We have had financial struggles and are chipping away at them.. My husband got a job and this has perked him up.

When you are facing job loss or income cut we had to make some tough decisions.

  • We sold one of our vans on Craigslist (It sold in one day).  It was just silly to have two car payments and I am so happy the van we kept was paid off last month….yippeeee!
  • Our boys took the summer off instrument lessons. Ben received a scholarship and he could continue his over the summer.
  • Dave Ramsey classes to re-energize our financial goals.

What a difference a year makes! 🙂

I would love to hear how you are re-energizing your finances! Have a blessed day, Candy


This week,  I cleaned out my cabinets and organized my stockpile. My husband have been working long days and evenings for 2 1/2 years. I needed to see what we actually have in our stockpile and this way I can plan our meals.

Why Stockpile?

  • It really is a great resource to fall back on when money is tight.
  • You know what you eat and you will have it on hand when you need that item.
  • When items are on sale adding money to your budget on a later day.

How to Stockpile?

  • Store the things you eat.
  • Inventory the items you have
  • Rotate- New items in back…older to front.

Where to store your stockpile?

  • Beware of extreme heat or cold and an excess of light. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place. This may be your cabinets, under a bed in a box or under the stairs.

How can I stockpile when I am broke?

  • You can start one or two can goods at a time.
  •  Using your coupons
  •  buy one get one free.

I stockpiling and am not hoarding. By stockpiling you have ingredients in your home and when you are really broke you can “shop in your cupboards” I have said many times when we are the most broke we eat the best. I prepare and plan our meals. When you really think about what you are going to eat you can save money.


If you have any stockpiling tips I would love to hear!  Have a great day, Candy