Halloween Costumes to the rescue ….again!

Yes,  you have read it correctly. Last night was our big rivalry game Maumee Vs. Perrysburg. Our team did great and we kept the ding-dong for another year. We were in great spirits and glad to get home. When we got home at 10:30 pm our oldest son, Jacob said “Dad can I borrow your suit jacket?” Randy said why do you need my jacket? Jacob said “tomorrow I have a Speech and Debate competition and if I don’t wear a suit I am disqualified” I said Jake why wouldn’t you tell us this before now?  he said “oh, I forgot” Randy said “well I guess you are disqualified and I was thinking you can’t let your team down.

Randy’s suit was giant,  to give you a mental picture Randy out weighs Jake by 120#. Randy said “I know you want to try to find one you better get going. ” In case you are ever in this situation Meijer and Walmart doesn’t sell suit jackets….I am trying to save you the  late  night trip. When we found out at Walmart they didn’t sell them Jacob said “I’m screwed!”   As we were driving home I was thinking where can I find him a suit jacket at midnight. There isn’t an all night suit place. We had a suit Ben wore a few years ago for his SAW costume, well I went to work and lengthened the sleeves. They are still a little short but do-able.

jake 002

I can laugh now, but a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do…. Happy Halloween!


What would Dave say?

This week has been great and now we are in full swing of our financial Peace. We had to stop by the grocery store last night and I wanted a few extra’s not on our list when Randy said “what would Dave say?” We laughed, but knew we have to stick with the our plan if we truly would like to be debt free.

  1. $1000 in Emergency fund √ – we now have our emergency fund. When you have an emergency fund you have the security knowing if something breaks down you can take care of it and not use a charge card.
  2. Debt snowball- This paycheck we are paying off our son’s cello and Kohl’s =$188.52

Use cash– Did you ever notice when you use cash you think a little more about your purchase. I usually buy less when paying with cash because I don’t want to go over my amount – saving embarrassment at the checkout. Now that most of use debit cards we are spending more. In our class it was stated McDonald’s is taking debit and credit and their average bill has went up from just over $4 to $9. Smart thinking on McDonald’s part, but now people charge their dollar meals. Something has to change!

My parents had their own business when I was a kid and the income wasn’t always steady. My mom had an envelope system, she would stick cash for bills and when they came due she would have the money. I asked her, how did you not use it for other things? she said “I just didn’t”  My mom always found a way for her family… she still does. Randy and I are also starting to use the envelope system.

Randy said yesterday it is funny now that we have a plan he doesn’t want to spend except for debt reduction and he wishes he would have listen to me sooner. The thing I am realizing about Dave Ramsey is he is teaching me things I know or have seen before, but just never put into practice. What was I thinking? I guess I wasn’t, but now I am!

God’s blessings on you day, Candy

Crossing Off Debt!

You may think I am a little crazy when I tell you this, but I am getting excited for our bills to come in. Now that we have a plan I am excited to go on our debt diet. In our class we were told the average person is out of debt in 18-24 months. Yesterday I spent the morning listing all our bills and due dates on a calendar and organize my file box. What a great feeling taking the time to do it.

I have said it before but will again for those who are new to the site. Our debt was small we have always been pretty frugal and I have only asked my dad for help once when Randy was out of work. The debt we have acquired  is from our closed business and we are  “holding the bag”  another valuable lesson learned. Many have said “just walk away from the business debt” It would have been easy to do that, but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. We are slowing digging out.

The Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University teaches using baby steps and we are only on #2

  1. Start a $1000 emergency plans- If you make under 20,000 a year start a $500 emergency fund. Put what you can in the bank.  How wonderful knowing you have a little in the bank. We would always think about starting a savings and just never really did it. I would tease Randy and say savings what is that? Well now we are and so can you!
  2. Start your debt snowball plan– Like we talked about yesterday. Start with you smallest bill, when paid put the money you would have paid on the paid off bill on the next bill along with what you pay on that bill and work you way up. Crossing off debt…crossing over into a debt free life!

Normal is broke?…

Tonight, Randy and I went to our Dave Ramsey class. We talked how debt is the norm for many of us.  Our great grandparents debt was thought to be a sin and they never really did credit. Credit came into play with the diner club cards and has never stopped to look back. We have been programmed to believe we need credit and have a “we deserve it attitude” I know I have had it. In this day in age we want now what our parents have worked a lifetime to obtain.

This week our goal was to sit together and plan out our budget. It was stressful trying to find the time, but we did and have a goal. I wanted to say that there is an amazing feeling when you and your spouse are on the same page. When you spread out your bills and you see in front of you how much you are really paying for things. When we totaled up everything and looked at each other and said “I thought it was going to be worse. We can do this!”

Debt snowball is our goal  and what it is paying your smallest debt and when paid use that amount on the next debt plus what you are already paying and get rid of the debt. Sounds easy right and we have to do it. Here is a post on the Dave Ramsey site about Debt Snowball

Live like NO one else, so you can live-like NO one else – Dave Ramsey

I don’t want to be normal anymore…. I just want to be debt free!

Yesterday, was our church spaghetti dinner. I am always surprised the food we receive and eat well and cheap. I was finishing up with my daily cleaning at the church when a lady sitting in a chair just outside the dinner asked “do you go to church here?” I said I sure do and she said  “well I was told there was a dinner here and I want to know if your church has a pantry because I am starving and I need food”  The lady at the ticket booth bought her a food ticket for the dinner. I asked her name and she hesitated and said well they call me Lisa. I told her about food for thought downtown in Toledo and I went to get her some food in our office. I handed her a bag of food and was surprised she didn’t want food she just wanted me to give her money or drive her to the store to buy what she wanted.

My question today….If I didn’t give her money or drive her to the store am I a bad christian?

Scary words…. Do you have a budget?

Many of us when we hear the words “we need to go on a  budget”  feel overwhelmed, confined and fear starts to take over. “If you want to see what is truly important to you, look in your checkbook!” It’s funny though when you do look you may find eating or shopping are important.

One of the best ways for us to budget is to balance our checkbooks. Do you balance your checkbook? I can’t say I actually sit down and balance mine each month, but want this to change starting this month. . Randy and I went to our Financial Peace Class last night and I found I am not alone. My goal is to start writing everything done and quit using excuses.

To become debt free we need a plan. It’s like starting a business you need a business plan or if you are like me I like to write down what I need to get accomplished and I check off each task. What a great feeling!


Goal for this week is to get our budget working! Have a great day, Candy

Frugal Halloween Costumes

Thank you to all who came to Locke Library Tuesday night, Thanks>

When my kids were younger I loved the hunt for their Halloween costumes. What I found is I didn’t have to buy the expensive costumes at the store.  We shopped at goodwill and Savers trying to put their costumes together.

When I was a kid My mom made all my costumes and she said she wished she would have saved them for my kids. The most fun was a pumpkin costume she made and when I rode the bus I had to stand by the driver holding the rail because I couldn’t fit through the aisle. I have been looking for a picture and haven’t found it yet.

Here are a few ideas and easy to put together:

Old man or lady all we bought new was a gray wig. Old man We used big clothes and suspenders stuffed the clothes with pillows,were a jacket, use a cane and Fishing hat and glasses.

Lady we belted on a few pillows put on a dress panty hose cut the legs off and hair net, sweater and big purse and a cane. We borrowed and bought things at the goodwill never spending more the $10.


Here is a few of them we have done. cowboy, pirate, little red riding hood and dancer.  You don’t have to spend a lot to have great memories. Have a blessed day, Candy