Not your same old coffee grounds anymore!

New uses for used coffee grounds!

I just liked the picture!

I just liked the picture!

Sheila has asked me to pass this along.

We had forgotten about this over the years & just started using grounds around various plants again.  Was doing some checking online about it when I came across this list.  I haven’t used some of them but am always cautious when it comes to things like pets, flea treatments, etc.  Anyway, thought you might find this list interesting & thought provoking. Also, don’t forget the crushed egg shells, too! 😉  Oh yes, Starbucks is said to have grounds free for the asking….again, I have no experience & in the present economy they might be charging for them.

This list was found on  Green Daily

1. Soften and add shine to hair. When washing your hair, rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse. For brown hair, coffee grounds add highlights.

2. Use coffee grounds as an defoliant for skin. Pat on skin, massage over skin, rinse.

3. Add coffee grounds to your skin mask beauty routine.

4. Make homemade tattoos (temporary) with henna and coffee grounds.

5. Fertilize plants. Old coffee grounds are nutrient-rich for plants that thrive in an acidic soil.

6. Add used coffee grounds to the pots of indoor plants.

7. Work used coffee grounds into your garden soil before seed planting. After your plants start to emerge, work in coffee grounds near the plants. Used coffee grounds are said to repel snails and slugs as well as adding nutrients to the soil.

8. Increase your carrot and radish harvest by mixing seeds with dry coffee grounds before planting the seeds.

9. Use coffee grounds to repel ants.

10. Keep cats from using your garden as a kitty box by spreading used coffee grounds and orange peels throughout flower beds.

11. Deodorize a freezer. Place a bowl with used coffee grounds in the freezer to remove unwanted odors. Add a few drops of vanilla to coffee grounds.

12. Rub coffee grounds on hands to get rid of smells from chopping or cutting up pungent foods.

13. Make a used coffee grounds sachet. Fill old nylons or cheesecloth with dry used coffee grounds. Hang in closets to absorb odors.

14. When you need an abrasive cleaner, coffee grounds can be used. Be careful of any surfaces that might stain.

15. Remove furniture scratches with wet coffee grounds.

16. Got a fireplace? Sprinkle wet coffee grounds over the ashes to keep from becoming engulfed in the plume of dust ashes create when you need to remove them.

17. Dye fabric, paper or Easter eggs. Simply add used coffee grounds to warm water and let sit a bit to create a dye.

18. After you give your dog a bath, rub coffee grounds through the coat of your pet. Coffee grounds are said to repel fleas.

19. Keep bait worms alive by mixing coffee grounds into the soil before you add worms.

20. Grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds.

A couple other interesting sites:

Thanks Sheila for sharing!

New way to use old things!

I don’t know about you, but I love finding new uses for old things. The frugal way to recycle!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Sock with a hole– I cut the sock up the middle and use them for cleaning rags. If I have a dirty job I throw them away and have no guilt.
  • One sock the other is no where to be found, (My girls would wear it with a different sock.) I clean crystals on chandeliers by wetting the sock and put it on my hand and wiping the crystals or for regular dusting.
  • Mismatched sock–  use as hot pack, fill with rice tie a knot in the end and heat in the microwave for 1 minute.
  • Mesh bags– onions mesh bags I save them for pot scrubbers. You can also put a washcloth in the bag and really clean those pans. When the mesh needs to be cleaned I put them in the dishwasher to clean and disinfect.
  • Oranges- mesh bag– they are great for storing store plastic bags or bath toys for the kids.
  • This is a neat idea found at Our little apartment – Earring holder made with mesh and a frame.
  • Ketchup bottle– clean well and use it to make the perfect pancakes. Fill with your batter and squeeze just the right amount.
  • cereal box– we have made magazine holders and I found this while looking for a picture to show you. Drawer organizers This is going to be my next project!
  • Old CD’s– I use them for coasters. I was teasing my husband when we closed our business and he had all his CPR training videos, I finally got a matching set of coasters.
  • I found this at Real Simple CD case used as a recipe holder.
  • Toilet paper roll cardboard– use for storing extension and appliance cords. This is a picture found at Real Simple Magazine. I like to cut them in half for cell phone chargers and small appliance adapters.

If you have any to add let me know and have a blessed day, Candy

Recycle/Reuse – Toothbrushes

What to do with old toothbrushes? Soak them in bleach water then rinse and air dry.  I store old toothbrushes in a jar under the kitchen sink. Here are some uses for those old toothbrushes:

  • Clean around the fixtures on the sinks
  • Clean the  kitchen disposal and around drains
  • Shower door tracks- fits in the track great
  • The corners of the tub/shower that are hard to reach
  • Clean tub grout cleaner
  • Cleaning jewelery
  • spot treatment scrubber before laundry
  • Clean the inside of a vase
  • Clean your nails after all that gardening
  • If the toilet seat bolts or  around the toilet, yucky (you can throw it away when you are done, it has served it’s life well!)

The great thing about old toothbrushes are you can throw them away when you want and you aren’t out any money. You should get a new supply after about every 4-6 months.  If you have any toothbrush using tips let us know and I’ll share. Have a blessed day, Candy