New uses for old things

I am sure many of us have different things we use to make ours lives easier, save money and reuse.

Here are a few ideas and if you have any please add:

  • Canning jars

  1. They can be used as drinking glasses,
  2. Candles- you can make candles and fill the jar with the wax or put a votive in it and use it as little lantern to light a outdoor walk way.
  3. I have started using them for storage like my Parmesan cheese.
  4. Jars can also be used like the envelope system of sorts. label each one…. example: grocery,gas, entertainment and emergency and when you get paid put you set the amount in each jar. this is a way to use cash and Cash hurts when you spend it.
  5. Jars can also be a pencil holder, in the garage for odds and ends
  6. Flower vase jar is wonderful in the summertime!
  • Peanut butter jar lids– fit nicely on my canning jars for storage purposes.
  • Rubber bands– My grandma always did this and now I find myself doing the same. Wrap a rubber band around a chip bag to keep it fresh (Top to bottom instead of a clip). Rubber bands also  keep our electrical and cell phone cords nice and tidy.
  • Pizza cutter– I like to use my pizza cutter to cut homemade noodles they are thinner and straighter. I also use a pizza cutter to cut grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Toilet paper cardboard rolls– They can also be used to keep extension cords together and organized when they are not in use.
  • I love rubber spatulas to get every drop of batter. Like the spatula a baby spoon with the rubber coating works for small little containers.
  • Used fabric sheets– work great for dusting and polishing chrome.
  • Dental floss- When I was a kid my mom used a piece of thread to cut our brick cheese for grilled cheese. We have a cheese cutter, but couldn’t locate it this week and I found My husband mom always used thread too. I had heard dental floss it worked great and it did.

I would love to hear some of your new uses for old things. Have a great day, Candy

New Year and New thinking

As I reflect, this year has taught me many things about our family and our way of life. This month my husband had open heart surgery, My youngest daughter turned 18, our oldest daughter got married and Christmas. When friends or family have been in the midst of Crisis  in their lives I have always offered to help and now I realize I was doing the bare minimum. I have to say during this month I have felt so loved. We have had family and church friends brought us dinner, sent gift cards, groceries and even Christmas gifts. I have been changed and humbled.

Our family is not a wealthy family in the sense of money, but wealthy in so many other ways. We have tried to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. Some have asked how do I help others without time or money. Here are some of the things others have done for us and I am hoping to continue on to help others.

  1. Make a dinner– I have been working my and Randy’s job and when I arrive home and a dinner was here it was a wonderful gift. I think it was more of a gift for me then Randy because I didn’t have to cook after work. An extra meal can be made when you are making your own dinner to give to another.
  2. Buy a dinner– We received a few dinners that were bought at Sam’s club. These were great because if we had leftover and weren’t ready for those dinners we could put them in the freezer and use on a later day.
  3. Gift of time– I have been blessed that I can keep up my job and work Randy’s job because he is off work for 8 weeks. If he had a job that I couldn’t keep up we would be devastated. I have received gifts of time. My brother-in-law has met me at work each day and helped me….He has took Randy’s place and helped me keep up his job. A wonderful gift that has kept our family afloat. *****Yesterday we were able to pay it forward and watch a dear friends 3 children while he went to the hospital with his wife….. so Babysitting is a gift of time! ****Sitting with a family member or friend at the hospital has they wait for their loved on in surgery….Is a gift of time
  4. Food I have a dear friend that dropped off a bag of groceries and a gallon of milk. She said “I was think you may not have had time to go to the store” Many of us have a stockpiled built up and we can take a few things and share with others. Another friend brought a Tupperware of cookies and her daughters made. One made the cookies, one made a beautiful picture and  the youngest a Christmas ornament. What a lovely gift.
  5. Gift card– We received a gift card to a grocery store…then you can buy the things you need.
  6. A Card with a note– I can’t say enough how much a card lifts your spirit. There is something in knowing someone is thinking and praying for you and your family.

Have a blessed New Year! Candy