Where to start with income loss

There are many of us feeling the pinch. No quick fix when you have lost your job or have in a decrease in pay. I know it is an overwhelming feeling. We have been living on one income since December.

Where to start?

Look at what you can cut or do without-

  • We sold one of our vehicles and now that payment is gone….along with the insurance, the plates and the gas.
  • Cable- We have been cable free for a while now and I have to say we are still alive….you can do it!
  • Cell phones- we opted not to get the new phones and we are onĀ  a month to month…If money is too tight they are going.
  • Eat what you have and see how long before you got to the store…This is something I really like to do. We seem to eat better when I have to think and plan what we will be eating.
  • Eating out has become an everyday affair for many families. When I was a kid eating out was a special treat –> today you can find a fast food menu anywhere and cheap. Things need to change!
  • Attitude is a big part of living on one income. I feel great when I can provide for my family and get down when things are really tight. Keep your chin up

Let me know what you are doing to keep more in your pocket. God’s blessings, Candy