Gift wrapping on a budget

I don’t know why, but every year at this time I start to panic….what are we going to do about Christmas and I think this year it is going to be more stressful with a wedding the week before.

This is a re-post from last year and I have added some different ideas.

1. This is frugal tip I have done for years. Gift bags and the tissue paper I save over the year. I iron the tissue paper and put it in the bag and store until I am ready to use, easier storage and it looks like you went out and bought the bag and the tissue paper.

2. This year many are going green and many stores in the near future are not going to have plastic bags or they will charge you 5 cents for each bag. Why not buy some reusable shopping bags put your gift in it and attach a bow and they will have 2 gifts in one.

3. You can wrap in newspaper or how about a map you can receive free maps at AAA.

4. I don’t have the ambition this year but How about after Christmas pick up Christmas print fabric and make fabric bags. I know for little ones it is about the ripping of paper, but when they are older I think they would be happy with this idea.

4. Baby blankets for baby gifts

5. A scarf perhaps and it can be another two in one gift.

6. Colorful fabric which can be fabric, bandanna’s, or dish towel.

7. We have done this paper the kids decorate. You can use a paper bag cut open, the kids decorate then ready to use.

8. Boxes or tins you have received from years past

8. Wrapping paper is 1/2 off at the end of the season, so if you just can’t part with the tradition of  wrapping paper.

9. If you make a gift basket you can leave it unwrapped and present it that way. My dear friend Shelly made this one. Showing it doesn’t have to be a basket to be a gift basket…. anything you can use to present your gift. Thanks Shelly for the idea!

10. I save the bows from Christmas and reuse them. I bag them up and use them all year.

11. The gift tags….a sweet little lady at church collect Christmas cards after the holiday and then cuts the picture out along with an index card using pinking shears. These were in the office for all the busy teachers to use for Christmas. I just love the idea…

If you have some different ideas please add. Have a great day, Candy

4 Responses to “Gift wrapping on a budget”

  1. Jules Says:

    I like #3…my family has always used the comics section to wrap birthday presents in:)

  2. Monroe on a Budget » Frugal gift wrap ideas from Candy Says:

    […] friend Candy has posted some gift wrapping on a budget ideas at her blog, Deal With It, […]

  3. Claudia Cooper Says:

    Newspaper is one of my favorite things to use for wrapping. The weight of it makes it easy to work with and the colors are neutral so one can add all kinds of embellishments to make the package look divine. At Christmas time one can use fresh greenery as accents, also pinecones, acorns, colored twine, paper ribbon(search internet and craft books for methods) Thrift shops are a great source for package toppers also, tear apart wreaths, look for small bags of ephemera. I’m very fond of getting silk flowers to use as decorations and they are available at most thrift stores.

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